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Closet Accessories

Bella Systems Custom Closets offers many different types of accessories in many different styles and finishes so you can make your space uniquely yours.

We offer wire baskets which are perfect to store clothing or everyday items in a custom closet or as storage for pans and baking sheets in a pantry. Baskets are the perfect solution for holding just about anything that needs to be contained. They are a truly universal storage solution. We have them available in many sizes to fit your space.

We have both pull out tie and belt racks that can be hidden away from view as well as cleat racks that can be mounted onto any wall. Tie racks provide abundant storage in a slim space preventing wrinkling and creasing. They help to keeping them neat, accessible and wrinkle-free. Pull out racks allow for instant visibility as well. We can tuck a belt rack on a side wall which will make the most of an often unused space. Let Bella Systems add a speciality rack to your custom closet for your ties, scarves or belts and never misplace your favorite one again!

Hooks work well in a number of spaces! We offer a wide range of hooks for virtually every room in your home. Install hooks for those grab and go items in the entryway or mudroom and keep brooms and mops corralled in the laundry room. In closets and bedrooms, hooks are versatile accessories that hold robes, scarves or exercise gear. We offer cleat mount hooks and double hooks. We have a variety of hook styles, each with a different purpose. They are durable and designed to prevent wear and tear on your clothing and they look great in any custom closet!

Place laundry hampers where you need them most! Where ever you are changing and shedding clothes! Whether it is in your dressing room, laundry room or walk-in closet, your hamper will help you stay organized and efficient. They are also available in a variety of styles and sizes. We can add them to your custom closet design in order to add that much more functionality to your closet. They are available in pull-out or tilt-out styles and also in a variety of sizes.

We offer velvet lined jewelry trays that can be placed in drawers for a stylish way to store jewelry and watches. They are great to store your most valued heirlooms. It is also nice to know that they are in a safe and special place. A jewelry drawer will keep each piece of jewelry in its own designated spot and help you keep track of your important possessions.

Valet rods are a perfect way hang an outfit to be worn the next day or to store dry cleaning. Most people would like to hang their outfit out for the next day or maybe that coming weekend. Other rooms can benefit from a valet rod, as well. Use one in your custom laundry room to hang garments that need drying or for damp clothing right from the dryer to reduce wrinkling. In the mudroom, a valet rod adds extra hanging space for wet garments on rainy or snowy days. Utilizing a valet rod is a great way to customize your own needs.

We even have LED lighting solutions that can brighten up your space. Puck lighting can provide task and accent lighting that will light up clothes so you never mistake navy blue for black again.

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