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Wall Units and Built-Ins

Your entertainment center is much more than just a place for your television set. Today, homeowners have sound systems, video gaming systems, dvd players, and music players in addition to their televisions. Wouldn't it be great to have all of your media neatly stored inside your custom wall unit? Bella Systems - Custom Closets will work with you to create the perfect entertainment wall unit for your home.

A custom home entertainment center from Bella Systems is much more than simple cabinets or an out-of-the-box shelving system. A beautiful custom entertainment wall unit can change the appearance of a whole room. We understand that what you want is a modern solution that multi-tasks to accommodate all of your storage needs while meeting your style requirements. Whether it's a bedroom, small alcove, nook, fireplace, or TV wall, our custom wall units have your needs covered. They are crafted to fit nearly any space, our wall units and built ins are some of our most versatile designs. Now is the time to let your imagination run wild to create a space for your home theatre, display cabinet, wardrobe or library storage.

Nobody likes to see a television sitting awkwardly on a table, taking up all the available space and showing cords and wires. A custom built wall unit system can help you streamline the placement of your entertainment items and help to keep cable and satellite television and radio receivers out of sight. Our custom wall units are also a great way to show off your favorite collectibles, art pieces or create beautiful storage for all your books. Imagine organizing your books in style with the best built in custom wall unit! Together, we can create a custom wall unit that combines beauty and functionality to transform a wall into an inspired space for your personal treasures and memorabilia.

A fireplace is also the perfect way to emphasize a built in wall unit. You'll love how our custom wall units can frame your fireplace and create a classic look allowing plenty of room along the sides for shelving for books and personal items. With a custom built in and shelving, we can turn any bedroom wall into a personal boutique with hidden shoe shelves, folding space, and more! Our designers will help you establish a built-in storage solution to fit any room. We offer a variety of storage solutions in different finishes and styles. The result is a finished custom wall unit that is as functional as it is beautiful.
Our custom wall units combine beauty and function to create the ultimate organization and storage space in almost any area of your home, whether it's a bedroom wall, a home office, a closet or a kid's playroom. Together we will work to identify your needs and design a custom wall unit that looks fantastic and functions great!

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