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Custom Closets and Storage Systems in The Cliffs Communities of the Carolinas

The Cliffs Communities of North and South Carolina

When you move to a new space, you may be bringing a lot of things with you that may not necessarily fit into your new home. You want your home to be cozy not cluttered, and you’re not ready to part ways with some of your treasured belongings. That’s where Bella Systems Custom Closets Cliffs Communities comes in. Imagine what your rooms and other home spaces will look and feel like when you know exactly where your belongings are. When your spaces are organized, your head is more clear. You’ll be proud to enjoy your beautiful home

and have guests over to marvel your immaculately organized home.

Bella Systems Custom Closets and Storage Solutions provides custom closets and storage solutions to all of The Cliffs Communities in North and South Carolina and surrounding areas. Our goal is to design a closet and storage system to meet your individual needs. We will manufacture and install your system with professionalism and courtesy. From custom closets to garage organization, pantry storage solutions to home offices, we offer a wide range of options designed to fit your home and lifestyles organizational needs.

Most of us could use a new closet system in at least one room. The benefits of a well-organized custom closet over a

cluttered closet can offer quite the realm of possibilities for household projects. We offer a wide variety of closet options that are designed for you by our experienced custom closet designers and are available with the most popular features and rare accessories. We can help you transform your closet into an organized and functional space. All of our custom closets feature easy adjustment of the shelves and hanging rods if your needs

ever change. Whether you live in North or South Carolina, we are positive that we can create a solution for all your space saving needs.

In order to ensure that the custom closet system will fit your needs, our design team will visit your home, take

measurements, and listen to what you desire in a closet system. After your consultation, we will show you some options through our 3D design software. Each of our storage systems are designed to fit the exact specifications of your space and are then manufactured in our own facility.

We strive to satisfy our customers from start to finish. If you have decided that it is time to gain more space and organize your home, contact Bella Systems Custom Closets at (864) 633-5229. We will guide you through the entire design process and help you achieve the perfect custom storage solution in your Cliffs Communities home.


  • The Cliffs at Glassy
  • The Cliffs atMountain Park Valley
  • The Cliffs atKeowee Falls
  • The Cliffs atKeowee Springs
  • The Cliffs atKeowee Vineyards
  • The Cliffs at Wallnut Grove

Our designers are skilled, professional and always on time for appointments. Contact Bella Systems Custom Closets today by calling 864-633-5229!